Big Bill

‘City of Charles Sturt’ Bill Reduction Campaign

Kindness Cards ‘Wake Up Project’

Music and Sound Design by TAE

Ask For Cask – Promo Video

Only a 3 pieces of paper were harmed in making of this video. Music and Sound by The Audio Embassy. Animation by Monkey Stack

Novak Djokovic

Jacobs Creek ‘ Made By Determination’

St Hallet Wines – The Story Of St. Hallet

The Audio Embassy created the music for this beautiful video on the History of St Hallet Wines. Celebrating 70 years of history, this project was a pleasure to provide the sound and music for.

IQA – Corporate Video

A neet little sound design piece with animation from Monkeystack. The music happened to be a little personal ditty I had lying around that I was happy to donate as a favour to the client.

SimSA – Corporate Video

A no fuse techie corporate video. The music just needed to sound modern and not really be tied to any genre. I remember the audio clean up I needed to do for the interviews was a feat in itself. They still don’t sound great, but you should of heard them before I got stuck into […]

Adelaide Digital Media Showcase – Corporate Video

Corporate video composed by The Audio Embassy for Adelaide Digital Media Showcase. The music needed to be energetic and move through many different layers of sounds and intensities.

Royal Adelaide Show Promotion

The brief here was to build the music over the whole corporate video ending with a big climax. There was talk of trying to move the style of music through the decades to suit the vision at the time. It was eventually decided to keep that a little more unstated, making it obvious at the […]

Mr Rental ‘Making of’ Documentary + 3 TVCs from 2009

Anifex and Mr Rental needed Justin to whip up a ‘Soul Bossa Nova’ sound alike to go with this very cool behind the scenes look into creating the Mr Rental characters.